Only staff and children attending our services will be able to access the play area.

Who is the Outdoor Play Area for?

The outdoor play area is for 0-4 year old children who attend the children’s services within the centre. This space is not open to the public and is secure and well maintained.

What is the purpose of the Outdoor Play Area?

The purpose of the outdoor play area is to support children’s gross motor skills while attending one of our programmes.

Where will the Outdoor Play Area be ?

The Outdoor play area will be situated to the rear of the building with openings from the daycare rooms and the children’s playrooms. The outdoor play area will only be accessible by checking in at the reception and will be secure and safe.

Why is there a need for the Outdoor Play Area?

There is a need locally for a safe, clean, secure, Outdoor play area to allow children to explore their external environment and grow plants and food, develop their gross motor skills in climbing, running, balancing and riding bikes and scooters.



When will the Outdoor Play Area be open?

The Ionad na Fuiseoige Outdoor play area will only be open to children attending the centres activities and it will only be open during their class times.